What is a Loop System

Are you wondering if a loop system could be of benefit, are you unsure what exactly a loop system is and how it works?

At Hearing Products International and through this site we are leading UK suppliers of loop systems and other products to improve the daily life of people with hearing and speech impediments.

If we can’t answer what a loop system is then nobody can!

What is a loop system and how does it work?

A loop system is an aid to the hearing aid, it is not a replacement. Having a loop system installed enables you hearing aid to better pick up on the sounds you want to be picking up – the TV, the radio, the phone, while cutting out the background noise.

In the lounge a loop system can help you pick up what’s on the TV, in the car it could be maximising enjoyment of the radio.

A hearing loop system is also able to help you focus on conversations in noisy environments and can also boost enjoyment of the theatre or cinema; helping the user hear the dialogue more clearly.

The hearing loop amplifiers the sound it is connected to and sends it out as an alternating current.

A magnetic field is created in the room and if the hearing aid wearer turns the aid to the T position the aid picks up the fluctuations and converts them into sound. A much improved sound signal is the result

Enjoyable listening for all

What is one of the key advantages of loop systems? It is that the loop enables enjoyable listening for all. Without a loop there is a very basic solution to boost volume – simply turning it up. However, that makes the volume uncomfortable for others in the room, introduces distortion and is often anti social. In many cases it simply isn’t an option – you cannot ask actors at the theatre to shout, you cannot have the radio on full blast when someone else is driving, you cannot turn off the background noise in a pub or restaurant so conversations can be heard.

The loop system boosts the volume but only for the person with a hearing aid, everyone else is unaffected. This means that everyone in the room is enjoying the TV / play / conversation rather than anyone finding it too quiet or uncomfortably loud.

And if more than one person in the room has a hearing aid – that’s not a problem; the loop can benefit as many people as have hearing aids.

What is the availability of loop systems?

While loop systems can of course be installed in private settings they are also increasingly common in public areas. Work areas, theatres, museums, churches, buses and many more places still.

The availability of loop systems will only increase; in time not having a hearing loop will be seen as being as unacceptable as not having wheelchair access.

What is a loop system’s cost?

On this site, we have the very latest systems and latest prices. If you head to this page you can see hearing loop systems and also portable loops, there are also special offers too.

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